Gift card instructions

How do Riviera gift tickets, serial tickets and food and beverage gift cards work?

Serial and gift tickets can be used to redeem a seat for any normal priced screening within the validity period of the tickets. The screening can take place after the validity period of the ticket has ended as long as you redeemed the seat while the tickets were still valid.

Food and beverage gift cards can be used  on site at the cinemas. Take the gift card with you when coming to Riviera.

How to use gift and serial tickets

1. It is easy to use gift and serial tickets online. You can find our current programme here.  Select the preferred film, screening and seats.

2. Check the codes in your gift and serial tickets. If you’ve received the ticket before October 2022, you can find the code above the barcode. It’s a 10-11 digit figure. From newer tickets you can find the code below the validity period.

3. Insert the code to the ”Käytä alennus-, lahjalippu- tai lahjakorttikoodia” -field and press OK. Our ticketing system only speaks Finnish, sorry about that!

4. If you are using several tickets at a time, insert the code of the next ticket and press ok. Continue until you’ve used the intended amount of gift tickets.

5. Insert your email and click “MAKSA VARAUS”.

6. That’s it!

NB. Gift and serial tickets can not be exchanged for cash and we can’t give cash back. Unfortunately we can’t extend the validity of expired gift and serial tickets.

Gift and serial tickets can be used for any normal priced screenings (max 25 €) but not for special priced screenings (like film brunches etc).